The word saptrangi means something  that has seven colors, and it is generally used to describe a rainbow,we actually see the seven colors of the rainbow violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red  popularly known by the term VIBGYOR.

Festive Glam

Pinted Faux Georgette With Gliter Soft Net Fabric With Brocade Lace / Sequense Cut Work Border . Unstitch Blouse : Faux Georgette print & Rasal Net

Corporate Glam

Feel cool fragrant real ! don’t Miss the arraying range of digital printed from our indo western collection.Organic linen- fashion style consultant creative and innovative exclusive collections organic linen which is soft material ,Natural fabric no irritations to yours skin and look also fashionable richness corporate glam

Iconic Cinema Salwar Suits

Hold your Breath, Embrace your new Style and be ready to be blown away by The Indian Fashion Tour of Glitz,Opulence and flows Luxury hosted by Fashion world.The saree is fairly conservative for corporate exclusive or formal variety  party wear while the one on the left is a little edgier for a club or a less formal party. Not quite as cosmopolitan as the previous  but still an interesting fusion of  classic styles.Bollywood opulent, rich design for the bride, so this one is even more surprising design trendy look.

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